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Friday, July 30, 2010

ACP #17

This week on All the Cool Parts, I'm taking you back in time 800 years to present the music of Perotin, performed by the amazing vocal quartet the Hilliard Ensemble.  During the show, I talk about the history of the music, as well as the style of music that Perotin wrote - mainly organum, discant and conductus.  I also talk about our source for information on Perotin, Anonymous IV.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ACP #16

This week on All the Cool Parts, we interview multi-talented guitarist Bert Lams and discuss his CD of music by Johann Sebastian Bach called Nascent.  We also discuss at length his background and training under the tutelage of prog rock guitar guru Robert Fripp and Fripp's guitar school called Guitar Craft.  Bert mentioned a few extensions of what has come out of Guitar Craft, including his own California Guitar Trio, and the Seattle Circle.

Bert was also kind enough to grant me an exclusive preview of the forthcoming California Guitar Trio album Andromeda, which is set for a September 2010 release.  We are pleased to be able to present the new track Hazardous Z from that album.

I also told the story of the first time I saw Bert in 1995 opening for King Crimson.  Here is the actual ticket stub from that show:

Yes, I know I'm a nerd.  

As always, we are looking for more All the Cool Parts Idol submissions, so musicians - please send! 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ACP #15

This week on All the Cool Parts, we present the second podcast in our Naxos Laureate Series with the CD of classical guitarist Denis Azabagic.  In this episode we are once again joined by ACP friend and favorite Dr. Jonathan Kulp, and we discuss and play guitar music from composers Federico Moreno Torroba, Augustin Barrios, Manuel Maria Ponce, Antonio Jose, and Carlos Rafael Rivera.

Also, Jon and I talked about many other people in the classical guitar community, so instead of having you all in the dark about who these people are, I thought I would list them and link their names to some information about them.  These people include:

Steve Kostelnik
Matthew Hinsley
Adam Holzman
Klondike Steadman
Andrew Zohn
Nicholas Ciraldo

Here is a video of Azabagic performing the Allegro Solemne movement of Barrios' La Catedral:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ACP #14

On this week's special 4th of July edition of All the Cool Parts, we are presenting the oft over-looked music of Carl Stalling, who wrote the music for Warner Brothers cartoons from 1938-1958.  I wanted to present something quintessentially American - something that would encompass the American experience, fireworks and childhood memories.  It was the perfect opportunity to talk about Stalling's brilliant and innovative scores for Warner Brothers cartoons.

Also on this week's edition of All the Cool Parts Idol, we present classical guitarist and composer Bret Williams, and his piece Head of Flowers that is wonderfully evocative of Summer.  You can learn more about Bret HERE.