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Thursday, July 15, 2010

ACP #15

This week on All the Cool Parts, we present the second podcast in our Naxos Laureate Series with the CD of classical guitarist Denis Azabagic.  In this episode we are once again joined by ACP friend and favorite Dr. Jonathan Kulp, and we discuss and play guitar music from composers Federico Moreno Torroba, Augustin Barrios, Manuel Maria Ponce, Antonio Jose, and Carlos Rafael Rivera.

Also, Jon and I talked about many other people in the classical guitar community, so instead of having you all in the dark about who these people are, I thought I would list them and link their names to some information about them.  These people include:

Steve Kostelnik
Matthew Hinsley
Adam Holzman
Klondike Steadman
Andrew Zohn
Nicholas Ciraldo

Here is a video of Azabagic performing the Allegro Solemne movement of Barrios' La Catedral:

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