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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vocal Thursday: Eric Whitacre - Water Night

Today:  Eric Whitacre's beautiful and haunting Water Night for choir.  Here performed by the fantastic Minneapolis based Vocal Essence.  It's worth trying to follow the text, as Eric does some masterful text painting:

Water Night
Night with the eyes of a horse that trembles in the night,
night with eyes of water in the field asleep
is in your eyes, a horse that trembles,
is it your eyes of secret water.
Eyes of shadow-water,
eyes of well-water,
eyes of dream-water.
Silence and solitude,
two little animals moon-led,
drink in your eyes,
drink in those waters.
If you open your eyes,
night opens, doors of musk,
the secret kingdom of the water opens
flowing from the center of night.
And if you close your eyes,
a river fills you from within,
flows forward, darkens you:
night brings its wetness to beaches in your soul.
Octavio Paz, 1914-1998

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