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Monday, March 14, 2011

ACP Idol 2010 Retrospective is live!

The All the Cool Parts Idol 2010 Retrospective show is live!  Here's how it works:

Listen to the first minute of each piece by all the 2010 Idols.  (I even direct you to the original airing episode if you'd like to hear more and/or want more information)

Choose your favorite Idol of 2010.

Go to this very web site and vote for that Idol on the poll.  The poll will be open until April 31st, 2011.

The winner will be announced on this blog on May 1st, and will be invited to submit a new piece to be played on the podcast, as well as be invited for an interview on that same podcast.

Best of luck to all of the 2010 Idols - you are all awesome - but there can be only one winner - VOTE!!!

Here is a list of all the Idols and they original episodes they aired on:

Jessica Rugani - Nymphshadow - Episode #5 (main topic was Andreas Scholl and Dowland)
J.C. Combs - Prologue - Episode #7 (main topic was the choral music of Eric Whitacre)
Nick Vasallo - Expand the Hive - Episode #9 (main topic was chamber music of Jennifer Higdon)
Michael Kaulkin - City Walks - Episode #10 (main topic was classical guitarist Steve Kostelnik)
John Astaire - Rebonds (Xenakis) - Episode #11 (main topic was Monteverdi's Orfeo)
James Holt - Action Items - Episode #12 (Fugue-O-Rama #1)
Charlie McCarron - The Mysteries of Grey Matters - Episode #13 (main topic was music of Arvo Part and Louis Andreissen)
Bret Williams - Head of Flowers - Episode #14 (main topic was music of Carl Stalling)
David Farrell - 8_BIT_CHACONNE - Episode #19 (main topic was Boulez and Sur Incises)
Gregory Hall - Woodstock 8-14-10 - Episode #20 (main topic was Astor Piazzolla)
Carl Schimmell - Elemental Homunculi - Episode #22 (main topic was interview with David T. Little and Newspeak)

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