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Friday, April 2, 2010

ACP #5

This week on All the Cool Parts, I present the 2008 release Go Crystal Tears - a collaboration of counter tenor Andreas Scholl, lutenist Julian Behr, and the viol consort Concerto di Viole.  The disc features music by English renaissance composers John Dowland, John Ward, John Benet, Robert Johnson, William Byrd and Alfonso Ferrabosco the younger.

In Addition - we finally have the first installment of All the Cool Parts Idol!!  Our first submission comes from composer Jessica Rugani.  We present her piece Nymphshadow, for flute and bowed piano.  You can learn more about the bowed piano here.

Also, here are links to some of the things featured and talked about during the show:




As always, we need more submissions for All the Cool Parts Idol.  Please - up and coming musicians and composers - send your recordings to allthecoolparts at gmail dot com.  Help me promote your music and your careers!

Tune in next week for something completely different!

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